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Written locally and serving the people and businesses of Darlaston, Wednesbury and surrounding areas.

About Darlaston & Wednesbury Life

I hope you enjoy reading the bi-monthly, Darlaston & Wednesbury Life Magazine. The aim is to bring together all parts of the community of these fascinating and historic towns.

We want it to be interesting, informative, thought provoking, humorous and entertaining. Tell us what you think on our Facebook page – keep it clean though please.

The proud people of Darlaston & Wednesbury have a wealth of knowledge and each issue will hopefully, bring out all of their tales of heartache and happiness, success and failure.

I want to take you on a journey to find out more about the person in your road.  To help you appreciate and understand what happens in the factory down the road and the shop in the High Street.

In each edition, there will be a local School in Focus, We’ll tell you what your local Police Force have been up to plus, there’s features on local community groups such as the Rotary clubs Darlastoin Rec and much more.

There’s a page of useful telephone numbers (please tell us if we’ve missed any) and a poem from Black Country Poet, Trevor Johnson.

We’d like photos of people enjoying a day or night out celebrating a birthday or anniversary, so please send us some or invite us along to take them for you.

We’ll have competitions, and a letters page where you can share your views, poems, jokes or to show thanks for a kind deed – please write in or e-mail and give your opinion.  We need you to contribute!!

This magazine is for you, so give us your feedback/suggestions/ideas and we’ll will try and include them in future issues.

Finally, please take time to look at the adverts from the businesses in this area – without them, there is no magazine, so please support them!

Interested in advertising in our magazines? Get in touch!

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